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Welcome to Inter-Mission, LLC, and to my first blog!

As I help build strong, effective nonprofit organizations that are sustainable through their lifecycles, I’ve been discovering the “Ah Hah” moments in my own career:

Ah Hah Moment #1

Early in my career, I served on the board of directors of the Community Technical Assistance Center in Pittsburgh while leading a start-up organization with its own board of directors. I came to understand the relationship of organizational infrastructure to achieving mission. Also, that it is “okay” to ask for professional guidance.

Ah Hah Moment #2

I was honored to be selected to participate in a year-long internship with The Center for Leadership in Baltimore. The jigsaw puzzle pieces began to fall in place as I saw the interrelationship between organization and leadership. I also realized, again, that it is “okay” and advisable to ask for professional guidance.

Ah Hah Moment #3

A brief stint in the private sector with our family business helped me to see that nonprofits need to be run like businesses. We may be non-profits, but we at our core are still businesses, and we must be smart and responsible in leveraging our resources.

Let me know if you have a great moment to share or we can create one for you! Please email me any time at

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