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EFFICIENT.  We have the expertise that your organization needs during this vulnerable time. A healthy, organized environment will enable a new chief executive to hit the ground running.

OBJECTIVE.  As an independent entity with a short-term contract, our only vested interest is in facilitating a successful transition and a healthy organization. We bring a fresh perspective to your operations.

TARGETED.  We focus exclusively on nonprofit organizations—501c(3) charitable, religious, educational; 501c(4) civic leagues and social welfare; 501c(6) business associations and professional societies. That means we understand the unique challenges—and opportunities—involved in operating a nonprofit organization.

“As Board president of the PA Coalition Against Domestic Violence in 2017, I worked closely with interim executive director Caroline Boyce as she embraced the policies, operations, and culture of the organization. Caroline coordinated Board, Membership, and Staff meetings, supervised senior and other staff, finalized personnel policies, and assured implementation of the strategic plan. The PCADV Board was well pleased with Caroline Boyce’s work, as it allowed the Board to focus on our search.”

– Michelle Robinson-Ritter, Board President, Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence

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